What is SleekSKIN®?
SleekSKIN® uses Shock Wave Therapy or Energy Wave Technology to vibrate the skins connective tissue which improves blood flow to the skin, reduces the size of the cellulite and help flush away the unwanted bumpy build up that causes that dimpled look.

What results can I expect with SleekSKIN®?
SleekSKIN® is designed to reduce the signs of stubborn cellulite. Combined with a healthy eating regime, exercise and good hydration SleekSKIN® reduces the signs of cellulite induced lumpy and bumpy skin from problem areas of the thighs, buttocks and arms. Bonus benefits can include some skin tightening.

Is SleekSKIN® painful?
An applicator is used on the surface of the skin sending impulses of energy into the cellulite layer of the dermis. Cellulite is not painful but you should feel the pulse of the device is brought to you by Klinic Solutions.

How safe is SleekSKIN®?
SleekSKIN® is a non-invasive treatment. Any risks are extremely low but with any beauty therapy treatment the correct considerations need to be adhered to.

How much does a SleekSKIN® treatment cost?
Please contact your nearest SleekSKIN® professional for an appointment.

Non Invasive
Clinically Proven
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