Major Award Winner

Lipogems Received Award for Winning Technology

The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) last week awarded Lipogems as one of the most innovative and practical products to treat injured athletics. It has been recognised as one of the most highly rated regenerative treatments on the market and this is a huge feat considering all the amazing new devices and technologies released in the last few years.

Lipogems Gets Results

Lipogems won over other technologies and devices and being recognised in the highly elite sports category which has such stringent parameters and testing; highlighting how versatile and high quality the Lipogems treatment is. We are definitely interested in this from a cosmetic treatment viewpoint as it is obviously a treatment that gets results.

The AOSSM annual awards reward inventors, engineering, physicians and companies who create products that met quite stringent criteria. They really do their homework and only give awards to those companies and treatments that have been road tested by consumers.

What is Lipogems again?

Lipogems use a method of processing and purifying your own body fat, and in the cosmetic sense is used in reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery as an injectable filler. However Lipogems is so much more and is used to volumise an area where tissue loss has occurred and has powerful regenerative and rejuvenation effects. It is a natural process and does not have any chemicals or foreign materials added to your own harvested fat, making it safe and a great alternative to conventional fillers. It gives a noticeable but natural looking and more youthful appearance to those places where it is injected.