Klinic Solutions

While only 3 years old Klinic Solutions comes to the Australian Aesthetic industry with decades of experience with our directors each having been in the medical/ aesthetic/ entertainment fields for more than 20 years. A common desire to provide the Aesthetic industry with cutting edge technology and sincere service started our company and we pride ourselves on our ethical standards that is unique to this industry. Klinic Solutions is a dynamite company providing multiple aspects of clinic solutions. Be it technological advancement, quality product training, business models, revenue streams or cheeky marketing strategies, be sure to know that Klinic Solutions is a company on the rise.

Shaun Baldwin

Shaun Baldwin has spent the better part of 20 years in the cosmecuetical industry working with high profile plastic surgeons and global distribution companies. Shaun has a passion for ‘looking the best you can’ and as such has had tremendous success in his employment. 3 years ago Shaun had the opportunity to start his own company and did so with gusto. Klinic Solutions was born from the desire to contribute to the lives of his clients clients in a positive and profound way leading them to look the best they can.

Klinic Solutions delivers the best of European and American products not yet available in Australia. On top of bringing in the worlds best technology Klinic Solutions has developed a unique skin rejuvenation application that is our own, Factor4 is Australian Made.